The Complete eCommerce Website Builder Choice Checklist

So you've created an ecommerce website to sell your products or services. Here's a checklist of that you should go through before you go live, in order to ensure that your ecommerce site is an online success.

1. Branding, speed and user-accessibility

Nothing will help you distinguish your business from the competition more than having your own brand name. Not only does it help to identify your brand from the others, it is a psychological fact that a brand name tends to latch on and stay in a visitor’s mind. Today’s shopper is looking for instant gratification, so make sure that you invest in every possible to make sure that your site is quick to load. Nothing works better than a good web host and caching plugins. No visitor would want to waste time with a website or doesn’t look presentable on a variety of platforms, especially given the fact that millions of users will want to access your website on a multitude of devices with different screen sizes. So, a responsive website that automatically adjusts to the screen size is an obvious requirement for today’s ecommerce websites.

2. Design and Navigation

Make sure your website is designed in a way that it is not difficult to navigate around. It should be intuitive, with clearly marked categories and subcategories, concise product grids, and an easy-to-navigate menu. An inbuilt search function will also be helpful to customers who are looking for a specific product. Also, if you make a user start their search from the very beginning every time they’re looking for something, it can be a major turn off. So, make it easier for your guests by pointing and directing them towards related products on your product page.

3. Product and Web Page Optimization

Since it is print media, you don’t have a sales rep that will push your products on to the customer. Ensure that every product has a product description that highlights the features benefits of your products or services and makes them attractive to your visitors. And if you’re looking to maximise your online sales, make sure you include clear, crisp and detailed images that showcase your product. An image-zoom function and multiple angle shots make it easier for guests to view your products up-close. Also, make sure that you include technical specifications for products so that they buyer has no doubts in his/her mind. Adding genuine customer ratings and reviews is a great way to present unbiased reviews to other prospective buyers.

4. Check out and Billing

Even if a visitor just wanted to do some window shopping, always keep an “Add to Cart” button handy and in high visibility. Your site’s shopping cart should also be easy to locate and should provide for every possible kind of payment options, as it makes buyers feel that the transaction will be very easy to complete.

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